T-day 2018

This Thanksgiving we were lucky to spend the day with Lars, Kim & family.  It was a great day full of some super scrummy food, company and games.  To start with we had turkey, Lars’ fancy stuffing, green bean casserole, salad, and PORK ROAST.  Lots of pork roast.  David bought two large roasts – one roast went into the crock pot and the other went into the instapot:

The Instapot Roast

Then came the pies.  So many pies that it got confusing.

Pie Day!

There was an amazing pecan pie that Kim made (worth getting off Keto) and some keto desserts too. Lydia made pumpkin cheesecake. David made an off color strawberry cheesecake (made using the pumpkin cheesecake recipe).  And I made a keto coconut cream pie that took a really long time to make.  It was so rich that three bites were more than enough, but it did taste pretty good and wasn’t too heavy (recipe at the end of post).

So here is who attended:

ME with T-day leggings

David contemplating pork

Lydia eating 3 pies at one time

Lars (who used Thanksgiving as an excuse to let go of his Vegetarian habits and eat…pork)

I didn’t manage to get a picture of Kim, but she was there coordinating everything.

John Peter and Noah looking very serious and handsome

Emma knitting the cutest little striped mittens

Lucy smiling – she gets so tired of smiling at all her many friends that sometimes this is what she does

Then there were the games.  David, Lars, JP and I all played Lords of Waterdeep.  I think JP won.  He had some really good plot cards.

Then of course came a round or two of Quiplash.  And then we played a few other Jackbox games, a bidding one that I totally lost, and one called Earwax.

It was a good Thanksgiving.  Lazy fat and fun.  Thanks guys!

Sugar Free Coconut Cream Pie – Gluten Free

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