We celebrate the season with some new and old traditions

Christmas 2018 arrived in a flash. Lydia’s winter vacation sped by so fast that I woke up one morning stunned that it was over. One thing we did this year was to hand out Dark Orange Cocoa to neighbors, family and friends. It was a bit of an experiment and the results were a tad uneven, but I want to figure it out next year for either a cinnamon or cherry flavored cocoa.

I also made Christmas jello after watching National Lampoon’s Vacation (my go-to Christmas movie) . There is green jello with cat food in that movie, but I decided to make something a bit prettier. The funny thing is that Kathryn made THE EXACT SAME jello and it’s not like either of us have a tradition of making Christmas jello.

Luna gained a new stocking with a handsome male great dane on it, but it was empty on Christmas Eve. This was actually when we opened our presents and is now our brand new Christmas tradition so that we can sleep in and enjoy a lazy Christmas morning.

Luna’s True Love

Lydia made out like a bandit. Both David and I separately bought things that she would like which made for a variety of goodness. Lydia’s biggest present was probably a camera (she’s been really enjoying taking pictures. She also got several books, a scented rice bag, a Doug the Pug 2019 calendar, an introvert button (Lydia loves figuring out personality types using the myers brigg text), Santorini (the game), fancy silly putty, a floating moon and more.

David also got some goods. He got a book on saunas. He got a book about Black Mirror (courtesy of Lydia). He got some lanterns because he collects them. But his best gift was Finnish Coffee and Sinapi (mustard).

Meanwhile, I got this lovely, new laptop that I am using to compose this very blog post and some steampunk items. I also got MUSE tickets which were expensive (we got good seats). I’m so excited to rock out with Lydia!

Lisa was in town for most the holiday. She had our names for Christmas and bought us some fun stuff plus a big ass jenga game made out of huge wooden blocks.

Other tidbits: Grandma McGary’s Annual Christmas party took place at a Chinese Restaurant in Shelley instead of the Senior Center (it was being remodeled). We all received goodies from Grandma including a paper socks crocheted at the edges and money which is all the more treasured because it comes from Grandma’s pension. On Christmas Eve, David and Lydia visited Crystal Springs with Amanda’s family – a yearly tradition. I suffered a slight cold. On NYE (yes, I’m going to throw this into this Christmas post) we visited Lars and ate sausage with the Finnish mustard and threw tin. So it went..fun times.

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