Remember San Antonio!

For MLK weekend, Lydia & I traipsed off to San Antonio to visit the Sorensens. The winter here in Utah was quite gray so we were looking for both some sun and some fun. We had both! The weather there was just about perfect and we enjoyed several walks with Anne Marie, Jared and the kids: Connor, Chris, Ian and Lydia.

Our start to the trip was a bit rocky. Because our flight was coming in late, I decided to book an Airbnb so that the Sorensens wouldn’t have to pick us up that night. Anne Marie texted me and said that it wasn’t a problem for Jared to pick us up. I tried to get a refund for the Airbnb, but it wasn’t working out so I determined we would just go the Airbnb. Lydia and I took a cab and the key app (kevo) didn’t work for us and the hosts didn’t get back to me right away so I ended up, afterall, calling the Sorensens to pick us up.

The first order of business at the Sorensens is always games. I wanted to make sure that we would be able to bring lots of games so I bought this enormous rollaway at the DI and then stuffed as many as I could into it.

One of the games that I brought was Secret Hitler. Everyone enjoyed arguing about who was a facist and who was Hitler. About half the time, Anne Marie was Hitler which was kind of funny because she makes a terrible Hitler. She is way too nice and not at all devious.

We also played Azule. Super fun tile laying game. We will need to add Azule to our own game library soon!

Another game that we really, really tried hard to play was Terraforming Mars. Unfortunately some of the card mechanics were tricky and we got about 80% of the way there, but then gave up. I did find a very comforting, meditative podcast that outlines game rules and play, but I think at this point, we might need to play with someone who can teach us.

(BTW, while we’re on the topics of planets, we need to mention David who didn’t go to San Antonio so that he could work. January 20th was the date of a full lunar eclipse and David used his telescope and camera to capture some pretty stunning pictures.)

One of other highlights of the trip was visiting Bucces and another bakery called 2 Tarts. Buc-ees is the BIGGEST convenience stores in the USA. There are endless gas pumps, huge restrooms, and aisles of …stuff. Fudge, BBQ sauce, Pro Texas aprons, cow hides, odd pickled food, retro toys…you know, the usual.

The next day we did an obligatory trip to the Alamo. Some of us got into the true Texas spirit and aimed some guns at the camera.

We also walked down the beautiful Riverwalk and fed bread to birds.

Finally, we ate a LOT. Besides Buc-ees and 2 Tarts, we went to a delicious donut shop that had bacon maple as a selection. We ate pizza at the Riverwalk and lots of BBQ. Anne Marie also cooked a lot of yummy stuff so we came home fat and happy.

Mostly, though, the fun we had was catching up with family. Both me and Lydia are looking forward to visiting again.

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