Among Other Things, Salt Con, Muse, Tumbling

Almost right after our Floribama trip, Lydia and I went to the Muse Simulation Theory concert. It was Lydia’s first rock concert and it rocked – loud. Next time we’ll get Lydia some earphones. It was one of the best concerts I have been to. The singing was amazing, there was jamming on guitars, and the effects included streamers from the ceiling, a huge skeletal puppet, and alternate reality glasses worn by Matt Bellamy. I danced a lot and Lydia was embarrassed.

So this month was another episode of Salt Con in Layton. David signed up for a bunch of game tournaments, but I don’t think he won anything. Allen, our Gloomhaven friend, won like three or four. From a raffle, I got a bath bomb that colored my bath water a urine yellow. But the real fun wasn’t from what we won, but the games we played. We finally learned how to play Terraforming Mars, the game we tried to learn at the Sorensens. I think I could still learn it a little better, but I can play it without the rules so that’s something.

Allen, our Gloomhaven buddy, is on the left.

Lydia’s tumbling contest was a week or so ago and she did great. She actually got 3rd place in Tramp which is her best event.

Showing off on the Lefgrens’ tramp

Luna seems to be aging a bit. Her muzzle is turning white, but I think she is getting smarter. Her newest trick is to avoid getting let in through the garage when the ground is wet (she tracks dirt in). She barks to be let in. Then won’t come into the garage, but runs to her regular door and waits there.

So basically the usual.

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