Floribama, a trip

So time moves fast. Super fast. And there’s been plenty of adventure in the past month or so. Let’s start with Floribama. On President’s day weekend, our family plus Lisa flew into Pensacola Florida for a beach adventure. We started out our trip by checking into our Airbnb which was named “Ain’t It Nice.” And it was nice. There was a loft where Lydia and Lisa’s bedroom was. A gaming coffee table. And a nearby pool and hot tub. Not to mention a rundown tiki bar.

So the first order of business was to visit a breakfast place that served beignets. Lydia fell in love with this donut/ scone and the rest of our vacation was mostly centered around them. That being said, we ate amazingly. We bought fresh fish at a market. We sampled a gorgeous gumbo. We visited a local barbeque place and ate at a fancy pants restaurant called Iron in Mobile which had the best, tenderest steak that I have ever had.

Then there was the beach. Lydia stepped in the water for a bit, but she spent most of her time on the white sands, tumbling ariels and cartwheels, burying herself and finding sea shells.

I decided to cram as much vitamin D in my skin as the sun would allow. I avoided sun block and this was the result:

Go away, winter depression, I mean it

David who doesn’t typically like the beach was a good sport.

Another high light of our trip was visiting the Mardi Gras museum in Mobile. The Mardi grases? started in Alabama and it has a rich history of white Mobile aristocracy wearing heavy over-the-top capes. Black people have their own kings and queens. There was a definite racist flavor. But Mardi Gras is taken very seriously. During Mardi Gras, local businesses close down for a week and kids get out of schools. The paper mache floats and such for this were very festive.

Typically these types of floats throw moon pies into their audience

Overall this trip was a success because it really felt like we were in a different place. People had southern accents and the tour guide at the Mardi Gras museum hinted at Southern Hospitality.

And one of the best times during this trip was playing games. We played banagrams, No Thanks, but the big high light was playing Azule which we learned from our trip to San Antonio.

Overall, we all had fun. Good trip.

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