(Moab & Easter smashed together in one post)

For Lydia’s spring break, we headed down south to Moab with Lucy, Emma, and Kim. We enjoyed perfect April weather and saw some super pretty rocks.

A funny story was Lydia & Lucy rushed up a hike, Grandstaff Canyon. And ran out of water. So they found a couple who were bottling water at a spring in a stream. Lucy & Lydia bottled some of this spring, but didn’t tell anyone that they did it. I (maybe) drank one the bottles and had a stomach ache.

We also had an Easter Egg hunt as usual at Kathryn’s. I made some baskets for the kids which was a fun craft (more or less).

Normally there is a gold egg with a $20 bill in it. This year though it was agreed that the egg caused contention and caused grand kids to cry.

The funniest part of Easter was the introduction of “Eggna”. She was an egg creation put together by Lucy & Lydia and they share joint custody of her. Lucy (aka Lucci as in Gucci) is currently taking care of her.

David was in Wuhan, China for a week this month to train and work with some of his Chinese co-workers. He saw some pretty amazing stuff. Check out facebook, but I downloaded one.

Some books I have enjoyed lately: Becoming, Spinning Silver, Beautiful Boy, most of Panchinko…(and even though I read this a while ago, I want to put in a plug for Educated by Tara Westover – an all time favorite, Beautiful Boy is up there too)

Another hobby that I have taken up is listening to old time vinyl records that I buy at thrift stores and play on my new record player. I have found some really fun music, some jazz, some movie theme songs ans some singing. I like to listen to it when I am writing (like right now!)

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