Summer/ Spring Fun

(New York, New Car)

I had it in my mind for months that I should go visit Kevin & Jose in NYC and look at some art. So in May, I took a plane out to visit. I brought an obscure art book for Jose, but guess what? He already had it. No wonder! Here’s a brief glimpse into one wall of Kevin and Jose’s apartment.

Jose’s Books

The weather was pretty great. Just the right temp for walking the High Line. We wandered around Manhattan and took a ferry back to Brooklyn.

Since I was there to see art, we saw art. We hit the MoMA (they had an exhibit on Joan Miro) and the Met (there was an exhibit on Persian art that was fun). Jose also took me to see an exhibit on Joan (not Joni) Mitchell so that I could enjoy a woman artist. I loved it!

The trip was in May and now it is July. Other summer highlights include Jordan (Kevin’s son) visiting. It was nice to hang out with him and get to know him better. We visited Sill’s (a breakfast tradition) and Jordan caught and ate a fish.

Lydia & David went camping a couple times (with the Blundells and with Jordan) and…

I GOT A NEW CAR. A 2018 Kia Soul. I named her Kourtney Kia (after Kourtney Kardashian – I don’t watch this show, but the name seemed right) and she is awesome to drive.

Lydia continues her music passion and is now taking private viola lessons. Guitar lessons may be next. So that means Lydia is playing clarinet, piano, and viola (plus guitar??!!) She has to practice a lot every day. The other day she said, (regarding practicing a hard piano song): “Although it’s a pretty song, it’s eating out my insides right now.” 

Lydia and David are currently in California visiting Lisa and her foster daughter Rosie. There was an earthquake during their visit, but It sounds like they are having fun.

I stayed home and enjoyed Centerville’s fourth of July fireworks and parade with Anna, James and Emily. I bought them all tattoos, so cute!

Fun Times for sure!

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