Oh what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green…

In July, David decided to host a neighborhood party. He cooked hamburgers and hot dogs while I made a traditional potato salad. However, the definite highlight of the gathering was the candy cannon supplied most kindly by the Blundells. BANG! Lots of taffy, starbursts and bouncing balls landed on the street to the delight of kids and adults alike.


In other news, Lydia got a red faber guitar for her 13th bday. She is taking lessons on an app.

Another July happening was the McGary family camp out. It took place near Lava Hot Springs. We had the usual trading post (I brought books), dutch oven dinners, and fishing post (for kids). It is always nice to see Grandma Donna. Of course, we ate at the Riverwalk Cafe (to die for Thai food) and soaked in the hot pools.

Jim made enchiladas.
A grandma presiding over her family

When August arrived, Lydia & I headed over to Charleston, South Carolina to vacation with Miss Tina C. ‘s family. Lydia and Lily hadn’t seen each other for years and years. Here’s when they were kids. And there’s where they are now (pre-teens).

Besides the beach – which was warm! and had gentle waves! We visited a Tea Plantation (the only one in America) and the Angel Oak, a tree with long reaching tentacles.

HP Lovecraft Portal or a regular tree?

We also went to downtown Charleston and even though I misplaced my wallet, we still ate BBQ and the most scrumptious cinnamony berry cobbler ever. Thanks Miss Tina!

And then there was the snake and the swamp. We went to a park which had a reptile exhibit and we got to see a snake shed its skin. It was cool to see it slither around as it got rid of the old to welcome the new.

The swamp at the park was beautiful with lotus blossoms and lily pads. The best part was being able to row a boat through the swamp. We got to see a baby alligator.

Alligator, stay away!

While we were in SC, David improved our already gorgeous xeriscaping by planting a bristle cone pine. How big will it get???

So summer is basically at an end. Lydia is going to school next week. Sigh.

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