Fall on Good Times 2019

Before we continue…I need to mention…our xeriscaping. This past summer we enjoyed lavender, honey bees, and hummingbirds and outside of some light weeding, relative low yard maintenance. Yes, it cost a pretty penny, but it was lovely and not only that, low water. We do, after all, live in a desert.

So Lydia started 8th grade. Here she is on her first day of school.

“Peace out people – I have figured out how to take two instruments to school for orchestra and put together a killer outfit.”

(And don’t look in her closet – as current style dictates, most T-shirts have been cropped)

The last day the Davis Rec Center pool was opened – they invited dogs to romp in the splash pad… And Luna ran right in. Galloping through the water was an amazing end to her frolicking summer. Stephen and Denali joined in the party.

This fall I’ve loved hanging out with these characters: James, Holly, and Emily. With Amanda, we all visited the Love Letters exhibit at the Gateway where the kids slid down alphabet slides, James fed paper into a shredder, and we all celebrated the wonder of words.

One of the biggest things to happen this fall was GRADY (aka Gray, Gray Bear, Gray Gray, Gray Bear Marie.) He is a athletic french bulldog who loves to eat and snuggle. He eats with the appetite of Nibbler (from Futurama) and jumps super high.


When Grady was here about a week, he went to visit Kathryn and Poppy. In a strange place, he somehow managed to knock down the fence and walk the three blocks back to our house. It wasn’t across the country like a golden retriever might be able to do, but this little guy did good.

Gray and Lu are friends – although when they romp, sometimes Luna just lays there while Gray jumps around her head and nibbles her ear.

Our BIG TRIP this fall was to Yellowstone with Lars & Kim’s fam. It was cold – well, freezing- but the scenery was lovely. Lots of sulfur steam rose from the ground giving everything a mystical bent. We also played games including D & D.

Additionally, Lydia and I finished two mother-daughter TV binges. We bonded over Friends and Parks & Rec. Onto … Gilmore Girls: how appropriately Mother Daughter can you get, right?

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