Winter 19 to 20

Here we are Winter 2019:

So this season is speeding by…the holidays are over and we’re muddling through January. Here are some highlights of our winter so far…Lydia’s music!

Pictured here is one of Lydia’s viola concerts. First, note her excellent teacher: Mrs. Kristiana Henderson. She teaches Suzuki method and Lydia has really excelled at her viola. This is a picture of a group Mrs. Kristiana put together called the Flying Fiddlesticks. They played various places like the Family History Library and the Capitol Theatre (before the Nutcracker). Unfortunately for that performance, Lydia forgot to bring her bow so she had to pluck her viola.

Lydia also played her clarinet and viola for school band and orchestra. She even got to perform at a concert where the kids learned several tunes in one day from a professional and then shared them with an audience. She did this for both clarinet and viola.

This is one of the All State times. Lydia played at Abravanel Hall (All State). Also, she helped choreograph one of the songs. It was a Jewish medley and Lydia suggested everyone raise their instruments at the end.

Another point about Lydia’s music, last quarter, she had a music mentoring class with Mr. Frohm that was her favorite. Here is Lydia and Mr. Frohm (she also made him a book with facial expressions):

Thanksgiving was fairly normal. It took place at Kathryn’s place. Jim made a yummy turkey and there were yummy sides. I overreached myself and made 2 pumpkin pies ( I added a bit too much salt, but somehow they turned out), 2 impossible coconut pies, 1 chocolate mousse pie, and 1 OMG lemon chiffon pie (recipe on this site). I ate most of that one myself. I also made a bacon green bean casserole, my own recipe, but I added way too much liquid which happens sometimes when you wing it.

During the Christmas Season, we hung out with a lot of relatives.

Here is the stocking that Grandma Donna gives out at Christmas. It had $5 in it which is so thoughtful.

One thing is that Grandma Donna is staying with Kathryn and Jim right now. Her health is up and down and she is on hospice. But her mind is clear and she is fun to talk to. Kathryn is reading Gone with the Wind with her right now and as always, she likes to watch game shows, sports and Hallmark Christmas movies.

So Kevin & Jose came for a few days. Kathryn made fondue and it was so good that I think that she is going to make it a tradition.

Victoria, Stephen, Emily, Ellie and Tom also came to visit. We all gathered at Lars’ for dinner, joulu torttus (made by Lars – both prune and chocolate flavors), and pulla (made by Tori). We played lots of games including Patchwork, Wingspan, Lords of Waterdeep etc.

Lots of Fam at Lars’

I also threw a sugar cookie party. I invited 8 nieces and nephews with their parents. It was a real a lot of kids and people for me to deal with – especially due to a lack of sleep, but it was such a treat to have Emily, Ellie and Tom there. Emily had real talent and decorated many cookies with great talent. She is showing a Yoda cookie above.

Lisa visited just after Christmas with her foster child, Isaiah. Both Isaiah and Lydia are the same age, but Lydia looks like she’s 10 or 11 and Isaiah looks like he is 15 or 16. We played a lot of games Splendor (with expansion), Dominion, Santorini… Isaiah was really good at spacial games. It was fun having them stay. The last night they were here we celebrated Lisa’s birthday and we ate…

at EMPIRE CHINESE in Centerville – a holiday tradition where most of us order either (or both) lemon chicken or singapore noodles. Kathryn knows the owner who is also a Kathryn (not sure if this is spelled right).

In other news, I finished my book! Lyla, LLC. Taylor is editing it right now and after that, I will send it out to agents!

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