T-day 2018

This Thanksgiving we were lucky to spend the day with Lars, Kim & family.  It was a great day full of some super scrummy food, company and games.  To start with we had turkey, Lars’ fancy stuffing, green bean casserole, salad, and PORK ROAST.  Lots of pork roast.  David bought two large roasts – one roast went into the crock pot and the other went into the instapot:

The Instapot Roast

Then came the pies.  So many pies that it got confusing.

Pie Day!

There was an amazing pecan pie that Kim made (worth getting off Keto) and some keto desserts too. Lydia made pumpkin cheesecake. David made an off color strawberry cheesecake (made using the pumpkin cheesecake recipe).  And I made a keto coconut cream pie that took a really long time to make.  It was so rich that three bites were more than enough, but it did taste pretty good and wasn’t too heavy (recipe at the end of post).

So here is who attended:

ME with T-day leggings

David contemplating pork

Lydia eating 3 pies at one time

Lars (who used Thanksgiving as an excuse to let go of his Vegetarian habits and eat…pork)

I didn’t manage to get a picture of Kim, but she was there coordinating everything.

John Peter and Noah looking very serious and handsome

Emma knitting the cutest little striped mittens

Lucy smiling – she gets so tired of smiling at all her many friends that sometimes this is what she does

Then there were the games.  David, Lars, JP and I all played Lords of Waterdeep.  I think JP won.  He had some really good plot cards.

Then of course came a round or two of Quiplash.  And then we played a few other Jackbox games, a bidding one that I totally lost, and one called Earwax.

It was a good Thanksgiving.  Lazy fat and fun.  Thanks guys!

Sugar Free Coconut Cream Pie – Gluten Free

Halloween – a/ The Ballerina

By far the most entertaining part of this years Halloween was Luna.  She wore a pink, frilly tutu and a bow at her neck.  David took her to Lagoon (yes, dogs are allowed there) and she was the star of the park.  Some people even took pictures with her.

I put on my annual gypsy costume.  I had decorated our entrance room with an ouija board, tarot cards, ravens and candles.  A few kid’s wanted their fortune told so I had them pick a rune out of my rune bag.  I gave out a variety of gum which was liked by older kids, but no so successful with the younger set.

Gypsy Fortune Teller

Lydia was a insta-taco, courtesy of Target.  It worked out.  She went trick-or-treating with Maya, but gave away lot of her candy because she doesn’t like it that much.  Lydia is a baked goods addict.

Lydia as a Taco

Now David didn’t really have a costume because he couldn’t find his death robe (part of his death costume).  But he did celebrate the holiday with his many lanterns (he has a collection).  And he sat out in our driveway handing out apple cider.  Yum.


All in all, a very fun Halloween!




Lydia plays it all…

Lydia is quite the musician in our family.  She plays 3, yes 3, instruments:  piano, clarinet, and viola.   Her electives at Junior High include Band & Orchestra.  Her two instruments and her backpack made for a heavy load.  She needs to say “excuse me, excuse me…” when she rides the bus.

So here are the vids on Lydia’s famous musical talent:

Lydia plays the Viola!

Lydia plays the clarinet!

Lydia plays the piano!

Lydia plays a mean Pachelbel Canon.  She has also composed a few very cool songs on the piano using a computer program.  We will hear the latest very soon, I hope.,,

Lydia had her first Junior High School concert band concert on Oct. 9, 2018.  It was directed by the enthusiastic band director, Spencer Frohm.  He is fun and incidentally bald.  Students like him so well that they call themselves “Frohmeos.” Lydia’s band played Canticum by James Curnow, All the Pretty Little Horses by Anne McGinty AND Thriller!  Yes, the Michael Jackson one.  Just in time for Halloween, right?

She also played her viola in the CJH Fall Concert.  They played Gavotte in D, Goblin’s Walk and Fiddler’s Frolic.  Very fun.

Just today Lydia boarded a bus where students literally had to sit down in the aisle.  Two buses didn’t come so both of the kids in those buses were crammed into one bus.  Lydia kept hitting her peers with her instruments so finally someone took one of the instruments and it was passed down person to person until it reached the back.  Sort of like an mosh pit.   I think her instruments survived intact.

Now this is exciting.  I present a composition called New Beginnings by Lydia Eve Lindsay:

Luna Synopsis

This post is about Luna.  She is a great dane.  She is black with a bit of white on her chest and rheumy eyes.  She stands over 3 feet tall (close to the world record for largest female dog)  and weighs over 120 pounds.   Here she is with Lydia:

Yup, her head is huge.  She is really smart for a dog, I think, because her head is so big.  She uses her brain to disobey and that is why she needs a shock collar.  David is her alpha, most of the time.  She basically ignores me all of the time.

If you look at the above picture, you can see Luna’s lovey.  Her lovey is typically a stuffed animal that I bought at the DI that Luna manages to destroy by chewing its eyes and nose off.  She then shakes her lovey wildly so that there is stuffing all over the floor.

Luna’s bed is our living room couch.  It is covered in dog hair.  She also stretches out on our carpet.  She is actually a good cuddler despite her bony appearance.  She will also tickle your ear with her mouth and if you’re really lucky, she will put her head in your lap.

Luna’s nemesis is Monstro the neighbor’s cat.  She barks at her (him)?  but when she does that Monstro just looks bored.  It is easy for Monstro to slink away.

Luna’s theme song is “Whip It” by Devo:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_QLzthSkfM

That is because of her long and quick tail.  When she wags it,  it looks and feels like a whip.  Luna is about the height of everyone’s crotch.   She also eats food quite easily if it is on the counter.  She just ate a bunch of bacon that I left on the counter.  Afterwords, she burped and looked quite pleased with herself.

A story about Luna would not be complete if we didn’t mention her farts.  Luna sticks her butt in the air and just lets it out.

When Luna feels a stir crazy, she does her monster zoomies.  This is when she runs around in circles and breathes with a slight growl.

Luna is one weird dog.  To prove that here is Luna’s weird spider pose.  Even though Luna is weird, we think of that as a bonus.  Who wants a boring dog anyway?

Junior High is Upon Us

So on August 22nd, our Lydia started 7th grade in Centerville Junior High.  There was a lot of prep work before she went.  She tested her way into 8th grade math (a 95% score).  She showed her skill with the Clarinet (lots of lessons) and got into 8th grade orchestra.  She is also taking 7th grade viola.  She memorized a locker combination.  She found all her classrooms so she wouldn’t get lost.  We bought her tons of pens and pencils and notebooks and clothes.  So when it started, she was ready and excited.

First Day of School? Wear black, of course.

So to start out Lydia’s first day, I woke up early to Dick’s to get Lydia’s most favorite breakfast – the breakfast of Champions.

So far it sounds like Lydia has a super fun science teacher (always a good thing) and a nit picky English teacher.  She eats lunch with her BFF Maya and is still figuring out the bus.  We look forward to more of her adventures!

Cousin Love

The past few weeks have been all about Lydia’s cousins.  Two cousins (Taylor and John Peter) returned home from missions.  Then, Tori was in town and we had a lot of fun hanging out with her kids.  We played games like Cheating Moth and Telestrations.  We visited Smoot Park and navigated a creek.   I tried to bribe Tori’s kids with cookie bites. 

Ellie and all of the other kids loved Luna and weren’t afraid of her ginormous size.  In fact they liked her.  

Lydia also turned 12.  12!  She is a bit small for her age, but she’s working on that :).  For her birthday party,  We invited all the Lindsay cousins,  Nana&JIM and Tori’s family.  The party was a success.  We bought a whole bunch of stuff at the dollar store including prize bags that you could color and a whole bunch of prizes to put into the bag.  Lydia lead some games like musical pillows or the Quiet Game.  A big point of contention was the whoppee cushion prize.  Everyone wanted it and tears were shed.

And finally, last weekend we went up to Island Park with most of the Lindsay cousins (minus Jordan).  A highlight of the trip was floating slowly down the Snake River in two fat blow up rafts.  The scenery was lovely.  Of course even better than this was hanging out with family.  Lydia and Anna hung out most of the trip.  And everyone danced to ice, ice baby.  Holly had the best butt shake by far.



The thing about visiting Lisa…

Last week we went on a really fun adventure to Aunt Lisa’s.  Lydia & I always enjoy our laid back, plan-as-you-go style.  We started out with the essentials:  visiting the Mexican bakery for some corn bread (not for me, keto), dipping in her pool and playing with her dogs, Ed & Riley.  We then headed to the beach where we went glamping in a camper air-bnb.   The air bnb was a bit tight, but had nice views, a quiet atmosphere, great hosts and a pool and a hot tub.  Then we headed to the beach!  Our first night we caught a sunset at Morro Beach to die for – see pic below.  The next day Lydia boogie boarded smallish waves and it seemed like a lot of fun.  Oh and let’s not forget the games!  Tons of Sagrada and Dominion.  Then more Sagrada so much that I’m sick of that pretty game.  I think this whole trip will be a summer tradition.  Thanks, Lisa for an amazing time.

(David was in England at a conference during our stay)

Lydia eating her heart out at the Brazilian grill that we visited.  We also did some expensive sea food at Morro Bay and of course, sushi!

Sunset at Morro Bay.  Lydia lost her shoes running towards it!

Dominion with a view.   Played outside at airbnb.

And Sagrada FTW

Steampunk -An adventure

Last night at Saturday game night at Harmon’s we played this:

Steampunk Rally

That brought to mind our trip to Idaho Falls a few weeks ago where we visited the Idaho to see Grandma Donna.  We had a great time visiting Grandma Donna.  She was in good spirits and we played Alaska Alaska, ate baked potatoes and blueberry donuts.

She also gave David a whole load of rocks that had been collected by her and her former husband Darwin  (David’s grandpa).

Idaho Falls turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought.  They had a small town center with some fun stores and we ate at some yummy restaurants, but the biggest attraction by far was the Steampunk exhibition at the Museum of Idaho.

I love Steampunk.  Its mixture of wheels and gears and imagination and an imaginary future.  Authors like Jules Verne and Mary Shelley hit my literary core.   The clock below looks like it came from Metropolis.  In other words, the exhibit was just plain cool.

Steampunk clock (like metropolis)

Steampunk Couple


Bicycle Energy


Steampunk Blue Man

Friday Night Movie Night and Dick’s Donuts

Every friday night is a party night at our house.  Typically it goes like this:  a kid friendly dinner around 6, a movie at 7, a treat at 8 and a free for all at 9 ish.  David is the host generally which is good because none of the girls listen to me.  Every friday a random number of girls (and sometimes 2 boys) attend.  Kaitlyn across the street pretty much always attends.  Other favorites are Maya (Lydia’s bestie), Katie, Nautica etc.    So last night the girls were served the most caloric, most delicious mac ‘n cheese that I’ve ever tasted.

OMG Mac ‘n Chesse

They watched:

Bridge to Terabithia (a book that I loved as a child)

And had some mouth watering donuts from Dicks Bakery (a grocery store whose baker kicks ass)

BUT the biggest hit was the game

Fun night!  And quiplash is certainly a better option than the girls running around hiding playing cards all over the place.  That can get wild.

(So here’s the story about one of the boys.  A high drama point of movie night.   This boy ate a battery during movie night.   A battery from a small light that fit on your finger.  David called poison control.  He called his mother.  The funniest thing was how casual the boy’s mother was.  She chatted casually after announcing that she would be taking her son to the ER.  Did she take him to the ER often?  Anyway, he was fine.  But I wondered whether if this was something that just came with having a boy.


Luna Bars & Gloomhaven

We just finished a 4 hour game of Gloomhaven with our game-y friend Allen.


This week after a good try, we lost so we’ll be back at it next Wednesday.  Lydia is a good sport and plays along with us.  Her attention span is not too shabby for an 11 year old.   I tried two ridiculously bad frozen dinners, so I had to compensate with a Luna Zest Lemon Bar (basically a candy bar dressed in a healthy wrapper).